5 Steps to Manage Risk in a Big Data Environment

5 Steps to Manage Risk in a Big Data Environment

Not much of consequence happens without risk. As more organizations realize the value of Hadoop while they look to adopt big data into their technology portfolio, they also need to consider the inherent potential for negative consequences. Big data has opened up a whole new world of risk, but that’s not stopping — or even slowing — many businesses looking to cash in on the rewards. To balance this process, technology and business leaders should know how to manage the conversations around big data risks as well as rewards.

When viewed through the lens of risk, organizations have different classifications and considerations to own:

1. Data security and administration

Data security and administration are the obvious issues that usually get the first look. But there are many technical layers for appreciating the security of your data, including:

  • perimeter security

  • data encrypted at rest and in transit

  • proper configuration for authentication, provisioning, onboarding,